This article was published on: 27/6/2010

This is a blog exploring the links between game design theory and the real-world. Playing games is inherently human, but our understanding of game design is something still very much in its infancy.

Uncovering game design theory lifts the lid on our own human nature, tapping into our motivations, desires, needs and morality. By talking about games design by proxy you are talking about people and most of our interactions in life.

Games are not just for kids and not just computer, board or sports games in the traditional sense. They permeate every aspect of our adult lives and come in many different forms; relationships, conversations, politics, entertainment and business the list goes on. Where there are people, there are games and the desire for engagement and enlightenment. A game is a microcosm of life, each time we play one we understand more about ourselves and those around us.

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